Warning Signs of Server or PC Problems

Hi everyone! Today we are exploring the Warning signs that you will observe when your server or computer is giving problems.  We will also give you some tips on how it can be prevented.  Also, our quick tip for this month, preventing auto-address complete in outlook.

We have been glancing over computer problems in our last few issues, and today, we will delve deeper into this topic.  Once you own any electrical appliance, chances are it will either be broken or need repairs after some time of usage.  The same goes for a computer, and these are problems that can come in all shapes and sizes.

When your computer system goes down, you may ultimately lose time, productivity, business and opportunities until it is repaired.  Here are some of the most common ways that you can tell that your computer or server is not working like it should:

1.  Your computer/server is slow or freezes.

2.  Sending or receiving emails is inconsistent.

3.  Printing is inconsistent.

4.  You are no longer able to do something you were able to do before.

5.  You do not have current virus definitions.

6. You are not sure you have a firewall in place.

7.  You are noticing an unusual amount of pop-up windows.

8.  You do not have current Microsoft security-related updates.

9.  You do not know the status of your current back-up situation.

10.  You have created a work around for something that is not working right.

Not that we have identified the most common signs of computer/server problems, and you have gotten them fixed by calling qualified consultants like SMB Services Limited, NOW WHAT?

The next step is knowing that prevention is better than cure.  You should have preventative maintenance performed on a regular basis by a company that specializes in server, workstation and network maintenance (SMB Services Limited).  Here are some reasons why this is important:

1.  Predictable monthly budget and support minimizes financial technical surprises.

2.  Proactive server and workstation standardization minimizes problems.

3.  Analysis of server event logs can identify issues before they create network problems.

4.  Regular optimization of servers and workstations increase speed and efficiency.

5.  Proactive maintenance provides real peace of mind that someone is regularly caring for your network.

6.  Management of hard drive resources prevents storage issues and server crashes.

7.  Management of backup status, data selected and data testing is critical to data recovery.

8.  Firewall, virus and spyware protection needs regular review and management.

9.  Daily use of servers and workstations can create random network issues.

10.  Microsoft critical security updates needs to be applied at least once a month.

Once you have repaired your server/computer, you must remember to continue maintenance and not call your IT Service Provider only when a problem crops up.  To have or adopt such an approach is not only ineffective but more expensive than regualr proactive support in the long run.

Maintenance should begin from the time a machine is turned on and is used by someone.  Whether it is new or not, it starts becoming vunerable to things going wrong.  Once the number of problems begin to add up, it could spell disaster for your company.

SMB Services Limited specializes in computer and server installations, maintenance and upgrades.  Our proactive and preventative maintenance support will ensure that you and your business will not befall the hazards described above.  We also offer monthly maintenance plans that will suit your budget.  Do not forget to enquire about our new System Monitoring Bundle aimed at eliminating the problems discussed above.

March Quick Tip

Prevent Outlook Address Auto-complete altogether

Further to our tip last month, with address auto-complete, this month we are looking at stopping Outlook for suggesting email addresses as you type:

In Outlook, Select Tools/Options from the menu

Go to the Preferences tab

Click Email Options

Now click Advanced Email Options

Make sure ‘Suggest names while completing To, Cc, and Bcc fields‘ is not checked

Click Ok

Click Ok again

Click Ok a final time.

You are now able to type email addresses without Outlook making suggestions.  This feature is important as it is a foolproof way to avoid sending sensitive emails to the wrong person.

To turn this feature back on, just follow the steps above, ensuring that you check the ‘Suggest names while completing To, Cc, and Bcc fields’.

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