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Introducing Replay 4


In our last issue, we spoke about Budgeting for your ICT as the 2010 government budget was due and most companies were also approaching their fiscal year end.  We do hope it provided you with food for thought.  This month, we have introduced yet another superior product to the marketplace – Replay 4.  Our resident System Administrator, Mr. Kendell Sandy has been promoting it assiduously and today we present it to you.

Also, check out this month’s quick tip, just for all our football fans out there – English Premier League Timetables in Outlook

Introducing Replay 4

Replay 4 is the world’s fastest and easiest back-up and disaster recovery software for Windows Application servers. The only complete “all-in-one” back-up and recovery software solution, Replay 4 enables local recoveries from any type of failure in just minutes, with the added reassurance of offsite application and data back-up and recovery from a total site disaster.

Product Overview:

  1. Replay for Windows Server
  2. Replay for SQL
  3. Replay for Exchange
  4. DocRetriever for SharePoint
  5. Replay for Hyper-V
  6. Replay for VMware
  7. Replay for SBS
  8. Replay for Desktops

Where Replay works for you:

  • Back-up
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability
  • Replication
  • Off-site BUDR
  • P2V Conversions
  • Virtulization

Replay 4 Deliverables:

  • 8Gb/minute back-up and recovery speeds
  • Block level snapshots with incremental forever data capture
  • Integrated deduplication reduces back-up storage footprint by 80% or more
  • Flexible disaster recovery options including bare metal restore and failover virtual machines
  • Server rewind feature gives you the ability to roll back any point-in-time, and recover the entire server or individual files, emails, SharePoint and SQL objects
  • Application-aware modules check data consistency to ensure successful recoveries every time
  • Cost effective remote office protection
  • Integrated replication to reduce storage costs and enable off-site and cloud based back-ups
  • Centralized enterprise console to manage a large number of servers and desktops

The world’s most robust back-up and recovery solution for protecting Microsoft Windows servers, Replay 4 also provides deep application integration with today’s mission critical Microsoft applications including:

  1. Microsoft Exchange
  2. Microsoft SQL
  3. Microsoft SharePoint
  4. Microsoft Hyper-V

4 Uniques of Replay 4

  1. Corruption Detection
  2. Replay Live
  3. Off-Host Processing
  4. High Availability

Other reasons to invest in Replay 4 include:

  • Ease of use
  • Tired of traditional tape
  • Long back-up windows
  • Quicker recoveries
  • Affordable

To set up an appointment, where you will be given a live demonstration of Replay 4 and how it will work for you, please contact:

Mr. Kendell Sandy
Systems Administrator
SMB Services Limited
Tel: 223 4762

September Quick Tip

English Premier League Timetables in Outlook

This month’s quick tip is for the football fans out there – download the 2010/2011 schedule of your favorite team(s) in Outlook so that you don’t miss a game.

Aston Villa (Not in Outlook)
Everton FC
Fulham FC
Liverpool FC (not in outlook)
Manchester City
Manchester United (not in outlook)
NewCastle United
West Ham United (not in outlook)

If you have found the relevant page on your team’s website, then please email the link so that we can update the listing and share it with other football fans.

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