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Small Business & Lower IT Costs

Happy New Year Everyone!  In this edition, our first for 2010, we are going to take you through some money saving ventures as we  look at your Business and how you can lower your IT costs.  Also, more handy tips and tricks as well as what you can expect in the next issue.
Small Businesses and Lower IT Costs
IT for small business can be viewed as a costly endeavour, and in these times of recession, small business owners may be even more reluctant to take the plunge.  In the high paced world that is technology, it seems like the latest gadget becomes obsolete within a few months. However true this may be, long term investments are possible, once you find the right hardware and software that looks to the future and can be upgraded as time goes on.
This investment can be done gradually so that the costs are not insurmountable from the start; and with the right advice, your technology will not become obsolete a few months after purchase.
1. Have a Strategy: The first thing that you must have before you purchase an IT setup for your business, is a strategy.  You should know how this technology will be used to start and grow your business as well as how it will be used to achieve the goals of your business.  You must also have an idea of the direction that you want the technology to take – whether you want to exapnd to multiple locations with connection to your initial network or automating sytems currenlty being handlded by personnel.
Costs are substantially lowered once you have a plan, since you will be able to predict your IT investment budget and will not be surprised by big expenditures.  This also means that you will not be wasting money on hardware or software that you do not need.  Also, it means that you wil be prepared if there are changes that are legitmate and warranted and you will have a working knowledge of the technology that you need.
2. Invest money up-front on Equipment that will last: When purchasing a computer, instead of going inexpensive with a clone (custom built), it is recommended that you buy a brand name PC that come with software cds, warranty and service agreements.  Also be mindful of investing in technology hardware and software that will grow with your business.
3. Single package for telephone and internet: This will not only save you money, but time too when it comes to paying bills.  Check your local service provider and explore their bundled packages.
By paying a flat rate, you save money on a monthly basis.
4. Invest in a server: While this may be costly initially, it is a long term investment where you will, again, save on time and money.  The server will centrally locate all your documents, so they can’t fall victim to human error of overwriting, deleting or updating.
The central server will be used for daily system backups, anti-virus updates and operating system patches.  Time is saved by doing all these tasks here, rather than on each individual workstation that you own.  Money is saved by not wasting production hours doing said tasks on individual machines.
While the initial set-up cost of having a server inclusive of compatible hardware and software will be high, the long term benefits and return on investment makes it worthwhile.
5. Perform regular maintenance: By performing regular maintenance on your system, you will essentially have predictable IT expenditures and avoid high repair costs when something does go wrong.
Regular maintenance also means that you will have someone who is familiar with your network and configuration.  This means that when something breaks, as they invariably do, money is saved from having someone who is intimate with your setup who can pinpoint the problem and fix it with the least amount of time, production and cost disruption to your business over an IT professional who is unfamiliar and has to start from the beginning.
It is important to know that choosing an IT support provider who provides these types of planning services is  a good indicator of how they will approach supporting your office, that is, proactively versus reactively.
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New Year Greetings




As 2009 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to share simple words of gratitude with you.  Your loyalty as a SMB client is deeply appreciated and gives us more reason to celebrate and look forward to the fresh beginnings of a New Year and the promise and potential that 2010 will bring.

From all of us at SMB Services Limited, we wish you and your loved ones a bright and prosperous 2010.  And most of all, we would like to share two more words with you…



SMB Services Limited will re-open on its normal schedule on Monday January 4th, 2010.  We wish you and your loved ones a Bright and Prosperous New Year.

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